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12-23-2012, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
For the life of me I can't believe this is the same team that dismantled Green Bay and SF

Originally Posted by Antithesis View Post
Its been real, guys. Now with the NHL lockout I have to wait until March for any sport I care about. Bad year for Giants to crash out early.
Plus this.

I mean, are you kidding me? Did I do something wrong? No hockey (which I care about roughly forty-five billion times more than football in the first place) and now the Giants crap the bed and won't even make the NFL playoffs (which I, in turn, care about roughly forty-five billion times more than baseball, basketball or any 'other' sport). I'm literally going to be devoid of entertainment. I mean, it's not like I stop watching football when the Giants are out but, man, this is rough. I HATE baseball and I haven't been interested in basketball since John Starks and Patrick Ewing were Knicks.

I also watch virtually NO television so I'm actually screwed. I don't watch crap like How I Met Your Mother or Jersey Shore or anything. The only TV show I watch at all is Workaholics with my little bro when he's home. Otherwise, I seriously don't turn my cable box on other than to watch hockey or football. I need to move to a Canadian market where they air hockey other than the NHL so I can at least get my fix.

I'm really feeling woozy watching the Giants turn in this stinker though. What the HELL() is going on? Shutout last week and we follow it up with THIS? With the season on the line? After a humiliating shutout I would expect my team to come out breathing fire and destroying people left and right. This team looks spineless when they should be angry. Sickening.

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