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12-23-2012, 07:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Mikko's hockey IQ and skills aren't at Granlund's level.

Look at their stats:

18 years in SM-Liiga
Koivu: 0.15 ppg
Granlund: 1.0 ppg

19 years in SM-Liiga
Koivu: 0.54 ppg
Granlund: 0.92 ppg

20 years in SM-Liiga
Koivu: 067 ppg
Granlund: 1.13 ppg

21 years in AHL
Koivu: 0.72 ppg
Granlund: 1.0 ppg

Granlund is able to adapt quickly to higher levels of play at a young age. That's a sign of TREMENDOUS hockey IQ and of course his very high end offensive skills. Koivu was able to adapt but it took longer as he had to learn to adapt to stronger competition.

Look at Koivu's NHL stats:
22 years: 0.33 ppg
23 years: 0.66 ppg
24 years: 0.74 ppg
25 years: 0.85 ppg
26 years: 0.89 ppg
27 years: 0.87 ppg
28 years: 0.80 ppg

It took Mikko four years to hit his peak numbers in the NHL. I'd expect Granlund to him them by year two or three.

I am not worried whatsoever about Granlund. He was at or near the top offensively in the AHL until he got injured.
Well said

However, Koivu is a very good 2 way guy with size. MG will never have Koivu's complete game.

And we all know how MK is under-rated, and never played on a true 1st line.

MG played with Ville fricken Peltonen!!!

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