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12-23-2012, 06:21 PM
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In a way I could see why he would sign it so quickly. Nothing is official untill he buys the team so it's not really a commitment yet and by signing it he might think he can take control of the situation. However, if it's not official the city (new council) could cancel the agreement before january 31st (this is how I see it, can't confirm that) if Jamieson did not buy the team.

But can he sign it? I know it's not the team purchase it's just the lease agreement. But still... if he represent a group of investors he would need the OK from all of them. Does Jamieson has the money to represent the majority of this groups... I don't think so. Does it means he would have to reveal his list of investors to sign this agreement? There was rumours saying the group was fragile, that Jamieson had a hard time gathering them and might lose some... The lockout isn't really helping. Of course he's not losing money at the moment but let just say that Hockey isn't shiny in the eyes of investors.

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