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12-23-2012, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Monkeyhouse View Post
Waiting for Far Cry 3. Ill take 33% off and be happy, probably buy the other 2 as well if the package is reasonable.
Yeah, I'm waiting for Far Cry 3 too, I'll take literally any deal

Really though, for everyone complaining, once you are getting 200/300/400+ games in your library it gets pretty hard to find anything that you "really want" unless it is such a low price that you cannot resist. I am a bit surprised that Valve does not have some kind of "price match guarantee" for games that are activated through their servers though. I guess they dont care as long as it creates more traffic for the site (they still have the largest selection of games by far).
This is a huge problem on the matter. I have so many damn games (something like 400+), I don't see sales that have games I want because at this point, I have such a huge backlog I can wait for it to go cheaper and also there just aren't many games I want that I don't already have. Ironically, after saying that, here are the games I've bought so far:

Natural Selection 2
Secrets of Monkey Island
I Am Alive (actually already almost done with this one, on the last level)
Condemned: Criminal Origins

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