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Originally Posted by ThePsychicSaw View Post
You don't remember our game? That was the epitome of arcadey, weakness.

Lol that wasnt a fluke outcome, all my games have been like dat. Unfortunately even the games I've won. Hell, Ask some of my opponents I've had to pull my goalie to give other teams goals back because I didn't feel right with the kind of goals I've been getting on a few occasions. They've been overwhelmingly weak as a whole in this gameplay setting, and it's been very noticeable.
I definitely wouldn't say that was arcadey. If anything playing on default it's arcadey. The hitting is unrealistic to go along with fatigue, passing and shooting (sort of). If you want the "epitome of arcadey weakness" then ill take you back to my previous game against Jack when it was on default. There was one sequence where players were getting murdered against the boards. I counted at least 5 big hits in a 10 second span. We had at least 25 big hits in that game and I said AT LEAST there were probably more. In a real NHL game you will see maybe 2 or 3 and if your lucky 4 or 5. We definitely get that in Normal. I definitely agree that the pokecheck is even more OP ( I experienced this 1st hand against MIN) but if people tone it down, than we will get more offensive chances. A lot goals in real life are rebounds or "cheese goals" but snipes will go in as well. Sure shots do miss the net but don't we see that in real life as well? If people are unhappy with the shot totals I have a proposal. Extend the period length's to 6 or 7 mins. I understand 7 mins will add 6 mins to a game and that might be to much, but extending it to 6 will add only 3 and that might be prefect for more shot totals.

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