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12-23-2012, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by scelaton View Post

I sure hope so. I'm feeling a little sad at this time of year for all the people who are casualties of this mess. The part-time employees and small businesses are suffering, for sure, but it's particularly poignant to consider a player like Machacek. This was quite possibly his only opportunity to play in the NHL, as he could easily be eclipsed by some young stud next year. As the article above shows, more than 20% play only one NHL year and almost half play 3 years or less.
IF Machacek has only one NHL year in him, then he has just lost 40% of his NHL games, 40% of his NHL income and maybe 15% of his lifetime earnings. If the entire season is lost, up that to 30% of his lifetime earnings. Gone forever. Don't think he doesn't know it and don't think he doesn't feel frustrated at the lack of influence that the silent majority of borderline players have in determining their fate. There are hundreds of them.
If Machacek seems to be playing with a little less zeal on The Rock this year, you can understand why.
poignant post scelaton.

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