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Originally Posted by ThePsychicSaw View Post
brother, I know you mean best but... you really need to re read all of that.

then think back to our game. and then your own admission to my displeasure throughout that game.

What's the most important thing in terms of a games outcome?
goals/scoring right? Not hitting. And in real life if our game was played out based on the possesion, the attempts, the scoring chances... it would have been a killing. and the probability of a blue line flop of yours going in very unlikely. So I don't think comparing it to real life is the best angle for you to take in support of this type of gameplay settings.

Realism in rewarding good plays is >>>>>>>> than realistic hits.

and you get much closer (even though it still rewards crap) in I guess "default" mode.

What's funny is the current mode its in right now (normal I suppose) hitting aint even close to realistic either. Alexander Semin, my favorite player, was destroying my entire team from what I remember in our game.
he didn't even kill anyone in that game, from what I remember I think Komisarek was the true beast. I think that good plays are possible but you just ran into Reimer playing well (he has been as of late), passing plays are definitely possible, and my Kessel breakaway goal wasn't a bad goal. I think if you play some HUT or more games on normal you will definitely go back to dominating games. I don't remember any blue line flops in our game, sure the 1st goal was questionable but it was a rebound goal, something that you will see in real life.

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