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12-23-2012, 09:52 PM
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Originally Posted by ThePsychicSaw View Post
that sounds good, however, is that really all that is different? normal vs default?
I really have no idea what default or normal entail. No idea what control you have over the settings
its just very evident that the current gameplay settings are poop IMO.
That is your opinion.

If anything, Jack and I thought "Normal" settings would have benefited your game play much more than Default.

He posted the difference between the two a few pages back.

The sliders are pre-set, which basically set the two apart.

Normal's slider "helpers" are toned down a bit, which means a bit more skillset would require finesse finishing and play making due to the pass assistance and shot assistance being toned down.

But for the time being, we will keep it at Normal due to the majority requesting for it at the start of the league.

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