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Originally Posted by Dynamo81 View Post
This is a junior tournament and a prelim match for it The average person in Russia will have some interest in Russia matches but the general tournament gains little interest especially when it is always hosted in North America.

Dose of reality for Canadians I guess, Hockey is not popular worldwide and the nations they compete with are good at quite a few team sports which are quite popular worldwide E.g Football, Basketball, Indoor Volleyball etc, it dilutes Hockey. Although Hockey is experiencing a boom in Russia at the moment as Russia is in a good place economically after the joke it was in the 90's. The only sport where Hockey is super popular in is Canada.

Look at the number of people playing hockey in the world.
Canada: 574,125
United States: 485,018
Czech Republic: 83,589
Russia: 77,702
Sweden: 67,585
Finland: 62,886
Germany: 30,344
These numbers have little correlation to the number of international-class hockey players each nation produces. The vast majority of the hockey-playing population in Canada and the United States consists of U17 level players and beer league players who
just play for fun, but who aren't even close to the level necessary to represent those countries in an international tournament. What counts is the number of players who are engaged in intensive, competitive hockey training and development. I think you will find that those numbers are much closer, with the Russians competing quite nicely with the Canadians and Americans at the international class, especially at U20 and professional levels.

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