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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
I was going to say something about that wording, but I thought I'd look like an anti-Connell propagandist...but yeah, I'm of the opinion that there was ample time in all these game summaries and articles and manager votings and all that to praise Connell and outside of some small patches here and there, it doesn't really happen. His best friend and a former teammate saying that he was better than Benedict at the end of his career and as good as Worters isn't going to be quite enough evidence to be labeled as any more than anecdotal for me personally.

When you read those old articles, they use a lot of superlatives to describe the best players and they do it I incorrect in that? Is that just confirmation bias? Connell just doesn't get that type of might not be much, but it's noticeable...

He's no schlub...he belongs, just not now...
Oh by no means could you consider me something of a Connell apologist here. I was of the opinion for a while that he was overrated for a while in the ATD and I think i had him in the 40s in my original list. I just wanted to point out that quote that I think is something at least.

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