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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
A.) wouldn't actually brag about that. Modern medicine is great in many cases but big pharm is also interested in profit more than health and doctors do not have a holistic approach to health often and diagnose what is within their specialty while ignoring sometimes obvious possibilities that fall outside of their practice, thus the patient gets treatment for a symptom but never addresses and eliminates the underlying cause for their ailments.

B.) faith healing and modern medicine are in no way mutually exclusive or contradictory of one another and can even have a synergistic effect. Also there's nothing wrong with taking a spiritual approach to overall healthiness, especially if it's in addition to modern, proactive health and medicine.

Of all the things that could be mocked in our society, I get very frustrated that harmless and potentially even helpful topics like faith healing get made fun of while idiotic things like jersey shore end up dictating clothing trends and become wildly popular.
I like this although what I said probably isn't entirely what you were thinking of and referring to.

I was poking at the idea because that's how most people react to it rather than coming off as a crazy person

What I was talking about is what I try and call mentalistic therapy.

There's so much more to healing than just the physical ailments, if those are even the main issues. Health is an umbrella term dominated by concepts of modern medicine and "empirical" sciences. Without dragging on and repeating some of the stuff you've already mentioned, what I have done and know to do isn't exactly how people would normally think of "faith healing".

1) It has nothing to do with the supernatural or some sort of entity that is said to be responsible for the healing.
2) As much as the target patients pertain to a specific.... personality, it is by no means a scam although there are many people who are capable of making a difference for the better but refuses to do so in order to keep making easy money.

A more socially acceptable thing to call it is "Life coaching" with a slight twist of the imagination and employment of their radical belief in whatever it is that you're dishing their way.

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