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12-23-2012, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
This is structurally a bad argument.

1. I said that Skjei not making it is a bad thing.
2. You responded by arguing that making the team is still not necessarily a guarantee of anything.

This is illogical. That's like me saying, "Five dollars isn't enough" and you responding, "Ten dollars isn't always enough either." That just serves to make my argument stronger. If $10 isn't always enough, surely we are in trouble if we have only $5. (Anyone who doesn't get analogies and doesn't understand what I just wrote, please ignore this post and don't write stupid things like, "What do do dollars have in common with Skjei?")

If making the WJC still means you might be a long-shot, then not making it is that much worse.

Let me put it another way: if being a first round draft pick doesn't guarantee playing in the NHL, wouldn't your odds be that much worse if you are not drafted at all?

It is precisely because half the players on Team USA are not future NHLers that makes him not making it a concern. For every McDonagh who failed to make Team USA, but went on to the NHL anyway, there are hundreds of examples of people who failed to make the WJC and went on to have a career in the ECHL.

The rule of thumb is that if you fail to make Team USA, you will probably spend your career in the minors. Are there exceptions? Definitely, but let's keep in mind that they are just that: exceptions. McDonagh for those who failed to make Team USA = Girardi for those who went undrafted, they are both exceptions. (Girardi being a somewhat greater exception.)

Combine this with the fact that Skjei has not had a good season in the NCAA and I'm starting to get concerned. I hope he can reverse his development quickly.

Beacon, I'm in no way arguing with you nor was that even directed at you. It was a generic statement.

Between the Giants losing, having to work tomorrow (and being forced to make up time due to the company closing early), and the fact that there will probably be no hockey, I'm not in the mood to fight or argue.

Sometimes I REALLY hate this site because it seems like everyone gets offended or angry over everything or you say something mildly different and get in trouble with the mods.

True what Kevin Smith says about the internet.

Oh well, Happy New Year/Holidays everyone, I need a long break from this place.

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