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12-23-2012, 11:23 PM
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Originally Posted by wilco5886 View Post
Ah yes theres that buzz word again, arcadey. At least people who prefer normal dont have a false sense of superiority. If all you like to do is grind grind grind then I'm sure you love normal. Just chuck it at the net and hope for a rebound. No reason to shoot top corner (unless you have crosby/ovechkin) because it will go wide. Might as well shoot low for rebounds every time. No reason to try and carry the puck across the blueline because the pokechecks are overcharged. Just dump it in, forecheck for a turnover and pass in front and shoot short side. Lots of creativity.

Frankly I don't understand why it was changed in the first place. Only justification I've heard is "less cheesing," (which I think is very debatable). Half the players in the league are from Elite. Was there really a problem of cheesing in there? I don't remember any complaints.

Like I said, I will accept whatever tuner is chosen. But I don't appreciate people talking down to people who prefer "default." Some people may say it is too easy to play offense in default, I say it is too easy to play defense in normal and I don't have much fun when shots are 12 to 14 at then end of the game. Although I like that fatigue is more of a factor, this is outweighed by the other deficiencies of normal IMO.
I like fatigue, and I like the more realistic hitting.

I've seen no evidence that rebounds are more likely to work on normal vs. default. If anything, the opposite seems true, since shots are consistently harder because there is less fatigue.

One thing worth addressing though, since it came up in multiple posts. There is no difference in poke checking on normal and versus. Check the sliders. In both sets, it is 2/6. I suspect what people are noticing is not that poke-checking is overcharged, but rather that puck control is being affected by fatigue.

Originally Posted by ChuckWoods View Post
There is "custom" as well as "current" but I dont want to keep tweaking the settings to appease just a couple of people.

I can attest that at least 80% of the league is more than content with normal.

We'll keep it at normal for the time being, and when Jack gets back from his holidays we will discuss it in depth as to what we can do to try and balance everyone's thoughts and opinions and do what is best for the league as a whole.

But please, lets not talk about this setting thing anymore as its taken over the league thread! lol

Just know that yours and Wilco's suggestions have been noted, and Jack and I do plan on discussing what can be done, or what cant be.

Happy holidays.
We can talk about it when I get back. There might be a middle ground that would satisfy the majority here.

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