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12-24-2012, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by namttebih View Post
Every time the Olympics rolls around Team Canada uses a lot of centers on the wing because of the strength down the middle. I compiled the following team using only wingers on their appropriate wings. I'm not saying that this is the way that it should be done or that these players are my picks for the team. I'm only guessing which players would be used if they didn't move C to the wing. I know everyone doesnít buy into it but Iím a believer in chemistry so Iíve used teammates whenever possible. The italics are who I think would be a bubble player for the actual team. They are based on projected skill a year from now in time for the Sochi Olympics.

Hartnell Giroux Perry
E. Staal Crosby Neal
Hall Stamkos Eberle
Nash Toews Seguin

Here are the bubble and or lock centers that were left off of the team

M. Richards (lock)
Taveres (lock)

Here are the wingers that were left off of my team. Some were because of age, some because of the game that they play not translating to the big ice, others just because I preferred to keep linemates together opposed to BPA.

E. Kane
Marleau 34
Iginla 36
St. Louis 38

Interesting assessment, but Hartnell, God (and Flyers fans) love him but he better not be a bubble player and if so, he better not be anywhere near the first line. And E. Staal is a center so that goes against the premise of natural wingers in their positions. Skinner skates too well to leave off on the big ice and Benn gives you too much versatility to play anywhere on the roster and add the physical element to a higher degree than most on upfront.

Giroux Crosby Perry
Staal Stamkos Eberle
Skinner Tavares Seguin
Benn Toews Neal

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