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12-24-2012, 05:18 AM
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Originally Posted by leaponover View Post
I agree with you. Despite people on here claiming the are soothsayers (i looked, they are not) it definitely was a risk/reward contract. What people tend to disregard here due to their jaded pessimism is the fact that even contracts that seem good can go sour. Look at Luongo's. He can't win in the playoffs and even though he puts up great regular season numbers Vancouver is looking to get out of that contract ASAP. So any contract in reality becomes risk/reward.
Had it been 4 years or even 8, it would have looked okay. The length always made it an odd contract - and believe me, I don't think I'm being pessimistic about DP - just realistic.

I'm going to give both sides - the unfrosted shredded wheat side and the frosted sugary side. Regardless of any reasons why, regardless of injuries, contract length - everything: W

e have a goalie on the books for $4.5 million that currently is having trouble in a league he should be dominating in.

We're paying a guy whose status and attention gumming up the depth chart and he can't even hack it in a European B-league.

Personally, I'm happy with him right where he is, and I hope he either gets his game back up to par or decides to retire while in Germany. It isn't that I don't have faith in his efforts - just his body....and regardless of outcome, he's not hindering the depth chart in Germany as he would in Bridgeport or Long Island/Brooklyn where DP overcoming injuries and testing his body could cost the team points. He either starts flying straight for Riessersee and returns to form, warranting a shot again over here, where he'll have to work his way up the depth chart like anyone else (and it can be speculated that he's not had to fight for it before), or his problems continue and either he or the Islanders decide that the comeback is over.

There's no hate/jadedness/pessimism in that; only that I want my team to have the best chance to succeed, and dressing for an average of 12 games over the last 4 seasons absolutely does not say 'best chance to me.' As far as Nilsson and Poulin are concerned, both currently are casualties of weak defense, which the Isles won't suffer from in a season or two if the NHL still exists, and they're both close. Seeing which is better is the safer bet, the cleaner slate and the smarter move. I don't wish hell on DP, he's had enough and it's sad to see it happen as it has.....I just want him to get better or get at peace with an impending end to his career without slowing the progression of a team that is now close to having assembled the talent to win, and only needs to learn how to keep winning on a regular basis. That's tough enough without a goalie with a body you can't trust.

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