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Originally Posted by MPF24 View Post
A.) wouldn't actually brag about that. Modern medicine is great in many cases but big pharm is also interested in profit more than health and doctors do not have a holistic approach to health often and diagnose what is within their specialty while ignoring sometimes obvious possibilities that fall outside of their practice, thus the patient gets treatment for a symptom but never addresses and eliminates the underlying cause for their ailments.
Bold sections X a million.

Or as I like to say they "put a band aid on it".

Now I am also not totally against modern medicine, but you had better believe two things:

1- I am a big proponent of holistic medicine.

2- I never let my Physician do anything extraneous during a routine check up. "Oh you really need that flu shot!" No. No I don't. Any other suggestions I reply with "That sounds good, but lets revisit it six months".

Remember: There is no money to be made from healthy people. YOU are responsible for your own well being.

You younger guys would do well to learn and follow this advice as you get older.

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