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12-24-2012, 10:24 AM
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It's a question of principles.

The current CBA propasal should of been accepted by the players.

5 yrs limit on contract (max 7 yrs if a player stays with the team he signed with).

That's where the disagreement stands and there is no apparent reason why the players shouldn't agree. They also want the proposed CBA to be limited to 5 years instead of 10 years.


It's a question of principles and players have always had big egos when talking $.

The players don't want the season to be cancelled and they will sign a deal before the season is cancelled, but they don't want it to look easy. Right now they are pinned to the board and they're trying to keep possession of the puck while the NHL is trying to scoop it from their skates and they won't let go, but the best they can do now is get a penalty for delaying the game.

The reason is simple, the NHL is posting a 3.7G$ annual revenue and unlike the last lock-out the NHL is not on life support. The players see no reason to give up on some of their future bank accounts. There are in fact seeing the situation as the owners attempting a robbery to boost their profits, thus the reason they want to fight back.

The losers are of course the fans and they shouldn't take any sides in this debate because no one cares for them.

The owners could at any time come up with a slightly better deal that would not affect their lives by any means, the players would see it as a victory and they would sign. The players could also sign at any time on the last proposal and their lives would not change in at all. Because eventually the owners will pay more $ to get their winning teams and they will compensate by augmenting ticket and merchandise prices.

Hockey in NA will suffer from this and if the KHL keeps growing in central Europe, future european prospects won't be so tempted in immigrating to the west and might feel that they're be better off staying at home in the same time zone as their parent's house.

But globally it is now quite surreal to think that hockey might one day become the number 3 sport in NA all the ground it had gained in the last years is now effaced and the league is underestimating that effect. They will be in for a shock, especially in Canada, as flocks of fans will now either quit the sport and give it much less attention.

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