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Originally Posted by DeathToAllButMetal View Post
This is why I don't understand how the NHLPA has stayed united so far. It doesn't make sense. The only thing I can think of is that Fehr and the few players in the inner circle have really brainwashed the rank and file into believing that the NHL is going to crack at the last minute and offer a great deal including big make whole provisions which includes full pay for this half-season.

Man, there are going to be some really, really angry players out there once Jan. 10 or so comes and the season is cancelled. At that point, say hello to the NHLPA's Night of the Long Knives.
From the sound of it, based on what I read from a certain player (I believe it was David Backes, can't find the quote ATM) the PA has pushed the notion that putting a 5 year limit on contracts will harm lesser player's abilities to negotiate a deal by restricting their options in terms of asking for too much to get less via concessions (where have I seen such a tactic being used... Something about 43% leading to 50%?).
While this is not false, I believe Fehr has managed to overstate the case (he is a lawyer after all ) and the players buy into the notion far too much. The fact of the matter is that the GM looking to sign lesser players will have guidlines to respect in getting a player signed, restricting the amount of years that player can ask for will not have a drastic effect on the player's earning potential because signing SPCs is not so much give and take but more of what is affordable and reasonnable

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