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Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
You don't give the C to a 17 yr old player, the only time this happened at such a young and it was a legitimate decision was when Sidney Crosby got it and he was 19 years old.

With the current roster I really don't see anyone more mature and ethically suited for the job other than Brian Gionta. Gorges could get it, but since his role on the team is being a conservative denfensemen, I'd rather have someone else in the future get it.

If DD has a great season (whenever we will see one) and Brian either retires due to injuries or is traded, he would be my first candidate for the job. But he still has to prove he can be a top center in the NHL.

I'm sure Gally has the potential for the role but he will have to find what his role will be in the NHL and before that happens he has one big obstacle to counter that is how will he deal with Montreal's nightlife and the responsibilities that comes with playing for the team that is the beacon of hockey success in history.
First, i am not saying i want Gally to be captain at 17 years old (and if I am not mistaken he is 18?). And in february he will be 19.

But he could be captain at 23-24, thats mean he will have 4-5 years experience and would be more ready for it!

I dont realy care if he is not Captain, butttttt if one day (we are lucky enough) he become as good as Sakic I hope he got the C.

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