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12-24-2012, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by ErnieLeafs View Post
" I used to like Spott, but right now I am questioning a lot of his decisions that make me not want to root for him."

Funny. Convenience will lead your mind in many directions, doesn't it? Lol

Just because Steve Spott says it, doesn't trump what you can see with your own eyes. NOBODY in their right mind is putting Monahan even equal, let alone above Barkov.
Questioning coaching tactics equals questioning his hockey knowledge? Get real. I think most knowledgable hockey fans respect the program he runs out of Kitchener going back to the days of Deboer which Spott was a part of. Nice of you to select one quote and shape it to a different point of discussion.

And yes, I stand by that comment based on Pre tourney games, but perhaps Spott does not want to show his cards too early and we will see a different team on Boxing day. Russians are renouned for this, not tipping strategy too early.

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