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12-24-2012, 02:05 PM
Mister Wood
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I wouldn't be shocked to see Ryback win the Rumble, have Ziggler cash in the MITB at the 20th Anniversary show for RAW or something, and build up to Ryback/Ziggler for WM29. Getting Ryback away from Punk/Cena/Rock and putting him with a guy that works well with Ryback's style, I think, would be ideal. Ryback can build up the stamina required for a main event push, which he can't really do if he's main eventing Raw. No 18 second squash or anything for Ziggler, but I think this will also allow Ziggler to switch his focus onto the WWE Championship Title, maybe working ith Cena again.

For surprise entrants, I wouldn't be shocked if Lesnar comes in at 30. I'd also like to see Christian, Mark Henry, and maybe a guy like MVP as returning entrants. Also, I'd like to see the New Age Outlaws back too. I think putting them with Rhodes Scholars provides a natural feud that could put over Sandow/Rhodes in a big way, like at WM29.

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