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12-24-2012, 01:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
You mean you didn't sit there for a while and case out the best empty seats... then when it looked like you were sure they would not be used, go down to them... complaining as you went to them, so the neighbors could hear, about the traffic, or something that detained you?

Seriously, in the Spectrum, if a person wanted they could buy the cheapest seats and only have to sit in them for one period... and have great seats for the rest of the game. That said, the Spectrum didn't have nearly the amount of no-shows as the (insert current bank name) Center does with it's corporate presence in the prime Lower Bowl seats.

... Now, I'm not confessing to anything, you understand.
i did that there and i still do it at the new place. its harder if you get an usher trying to be a hero. and if i have my kid with me and a bunch of food in my hands they never question. I'm kiddin thats'so wrong. i would never do that. or would i?. the worst thing i ever did was fake having a broken foot to get better seats at the first game lindros was back with the rangers. Karma's a ***** tho because i didn't realize how packed with handicaps that day would be and i also didn't realize there was a shafter handicap section higher up then the actual tickets i paid for. i couldn't help but laugh but i might've cried a little too. my armpits were pretty chafed from the crutches. i did give up and throw the brace i had on in the trash and went down to my real seats. don't walk in my footsteps, learn from my mistakes.

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