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Originally Posted by KnightSpit View Post

Ho-Sang is a real talent who will be a highlight reel some day. The nquestion is if they can build a team around this guy, like Erie is doing with McDavid. Both palyers are great to watch. Also the kid is a rookie, who has so much potential, just watch what he will do next year.

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I agree he has incredible talent, Ive never said otherwise. Some poster suggested this earlier, that Hosang is not the type of guy to build a team around. I think he is bang on. Hosang is not a leader, whether people see that or not. The on-ice work ethic is not consistent enough to be a leader. Can that change ? Yes, but I dont think it will. Phil Kessel is not a leader and is a fantastic player, Kessel will never wear a C. Kessel is my favourite Leaf to watch, by far.

Thats no knock on Hosang, its just the way it is right now. Hosang being compared to Ovechkin and Mcdavid to Crosby is spot on. I enjoy watching both players. One big difference between Mcdavid and Hosang is I guarantee u Mcdavid hates losing more than Hosang. Ive seen how the two react when things are adverse and its very clear to me. Mcdavid digs in really hard and wants to change the game, the other has never consistently dug in and grabbed the bull by the horns, even though he appears to have all the talent in the world to do that. Yes it bothered me a tad to see Hosang dis-engage in some of the most important games. From a skill standpoint Ive said this earlier the difference between Hosand and MCdavid is too close to call. It comes down to a mental approach, the desire, the hunger, to hate losing more than u love winning, thats the biggest differences between players at this level.

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