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Originally Posted by Ribban View Post
I coach down in the States, and, much like Hockey Canada, USA Hockey is talking to some great extent about "respect for the opponent." In other words, just because I can send this guy into next week, it doesn't mean I will or should. We keep stressing that the reason for checking is to seperate the player from the puck, etc. A little later in life, we start telling people that they need to finish their checks, for among other reasons, safety, as well as keep your head up and expect to get hit - don't dodge for example.

Now, please understand that I consider Jenner being a kid, so I sort of get why he is making a really bad choice, and if he truly had a chance to replay the situation, he might have made a much different decision. Either way, he is on the team to bring energy and be tough to play against. The performance in this tourney might impact his future NHL career. He is juiced to represent his nation. He enjoys being physical and bring the heat whenver he can. We can go on, but yes, I think we all get him. He made one ****** choice, and if nothing else, it cost another kid something he has worked his entire life for with similar hopes and dreams to Jenner.

So what's the problem? The hit was clean? Pettersson should pay attention? His history is spearing and hitting a kid with his head down, but also getting elbowed to the head.

It comes down to this: The conversation we keep having is HAVING RESPECT FOR OUR OPPONENTS. Just becasue somebody has his head down and you can lay him out, doesn't mean you should. As a matter of fact, it's especially then that you shouldn't.

Anybody who played hockey here knows that Jenner knows this will be a very late hit. That's not something he realizes the moment the puck comes off Pettersson's stick. He knows where he is when he sees Pettersson starting to pass the puck. He knows exactly what he is doing, and what will happen as Pettersson ISN'T paying attention, but hey, hitting someone feels great... "He has no idea that I'm coming!", "This will be AWESOME!", "I'VE GOT YOU NOW, SUCKER!", BOOM ... you all know the feeling.

That is also what we are working so hard to get rid of in hockey.

So, it's beyond frustrating to see some of you guys, and listen to some of the TSN suits, start out with, "It's a clean hit..." or "It doesn't deserve a long suspension..." or even "The IIHF will punish Canada extra hard just becasue..."

Nothing about his hit is okay. It violates the rulebook by being a late hit, no matter how the contact was made. It violates all concepts we are trying to establish for safety about not hurting somebody just beacuse that person is vulnerable, perhaps because he isn't paying attention. It is the second time Jenner is doing it in the IIHF because even though he wasn't late when checking Olli Maata, he still went after a guy who didn't see him when it really wasn't necessary. BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN'T MAKE IT OKAY.

Those of you sitting at home, being kings of the keyboards can scream all you want about being tough and this and that. But the fact remains, the culture of hockey NEEDS to change. We cannot afford concussions and other injuries to star players and talented prospects because somebody could get to them in moment of vulnerability. Whatever old time hockey you adore, the players are bigger, stronger, and faster now, so the game has to change, and the sooner it happens, the better.

Again, Jenner is being an idiot, but he is a kid, so that's to be expected. The problem is all the people that defend him or justify his action as being a normal part of hockey, as that will make it that much harder for the rest of us to help develop the sport in a direction more suited for the atheltes we have and will have.

A message needs to be sent. Sorry kid. You're thoughtlessness cost Pettersson his gold dream, so now, you lost yours. Learn from this and go have a better game in the NHL. I wish the Pettersson kid a speedy recovery as well.
Well said.

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