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Originally Posted by DaaaaB's View Post
Since you've resorted to name calling, all I'll say is that if you believe what you just posted then you know nothing about the game of football. CFLer's are generally old? Yeah, because they all spent a couple years trying to make the NFL and then went north when they realized they weren't good enough. You act like it's two different sports because they rules are a little different. There's no CFLer's that have as much talent as top-end NFLer's and it's utterly absurd to think that way.
Well if you refuse to believe that some players adapt to different styles of play differently, then I don't know what to tell you. All you have to do is look at the concrete evidence I presented previously to support my claim. Some players just don't get an opportunity right away in the NFL, so they come North, excel, and then get noticed enough by NFL scouts to get a second chance. Sometimes, earning a spot has to do with politics more so than actual talent. Anyway, I already stated that it's pretty obvious the NFL is the superior league, but the CFL is pretty good in its own right.

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