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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
Jack Slater:

Say you grew up in Canada, born and raised, you cheered for Canada in everything - hockey, Olympics, curling, everything. You do this for 20+ years. You Bleed the Red and white maple leaf.

Finally you get married and have a child with another Canadian but move abroad for work. You still bleed the red and white maple leaf. Your child now cheers and bleeds the red and white maple leaf.

Can you see why the child who has never 'lived' in Canada would consider himself Canadian?
I suppose I can understand it, but as I said I do not care if he considers himself Canadian. He was trained in hockey in the USA, almost exclusively. I do not see how he can be viewed as anything other than an American hockey player, and as such I am not interested in seeing him ever play for Canada. Once again, as a person, I do not know or care what he should be considered. It's as weird to me as the Colin Wilson case, which went the opposite way.

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