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Originally Posted by Dark Shadows View Post
Lindros never achieved a single season where he was at Messier's 1990 level. Not one.
If you mean the combination of his regular season and playoffs yes you are right.

But if you are only looking at regular season and counting stats then you are wrong as Lindros played his entire career in a much lower scoring era and unless we do a more objective look at it aside from counting raw stats then it's an unfair and IMO an incomplete analysis.

Even if he "could have", Your dominance diminishes when your style to achieve that dominance causes you to miss a 4th of every season on average. You don't help your team if you don't play(And thus, those missed games count against your dominance). We saw what it took for Lindros to play a full uninjured season. A cautious game in 2002-03, resulting in 19 goals and 53 points. He was criticized a bit for playing it too safe and tried to find a happy medium the next season(which resulted in more points), only to get injured for half the season again(Eye and Rib injury from playing his usual style early on, then a nice clean hit from Jason Doig).
What you say is true but we also saw in 95 as he played almost the whole of that season and tied for the lead in scoring and was the Hart winner and rightly so IMO.

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