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12-24-2012, 05:30 PM
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Went back out today. Skates seemed to feel a little better. took around a half hour for the pain to set in on the right foot. Left foot was good as usual.

I noticed while skating that my left foot was much more stable and nimble than the right, and that my right foot toes stay in contact with the toe of the skate when I'm not bending at the knees and thus the ankle. When I bend my leg forward it is pulling my foot back in the skate. Also I noticed that the foot pain in the right foot got worse when I tightened my skates. I'm starting to think I am doing them too tight. After skating for around 20 minutes I noticed my right foot sliding forward in the skate so I tightened it and when I went back out after about 5 minutes that is when the pain in the muscles under the arch of my foot started up. If I leave the skate loose my foot slides forward, tight and it seems to squeeze down and in on the sides of my foot. So I'm starting to buy in to the thesis that the skates aren't a great fit. Going to have them baked and go from there.

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