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Originally Posted by CharaTriedToEatMe View Post
Hey HFers. I am a bit too young to remember anyone but Harry or Cam being President of the Bruins so I would love to get some thoughts on these guys from fans who remember the 70s and 80s. Also does anyone know why JJ didn't let Weston Adams keep his job? I know after the Adams family sold the Bruins to Storer Communications Weston was retained as President.

Mooney obviously came into the job when Jacobs bought the team. Was he just an employee/yes man for JJ or was he more of a partner and decision maker in his own right? Mooney it sounds like was a big horse racing figure and would have been closely involved in trying to move us to Salem NH with that mega horse racing resort and arena mid 80s at Rockingham Park. Obviously in the 70s and 80s horse racing was far more popular than it is now and I know Delaware North used to be involved in lots of race tracks around the country. Sounds like after that move failed he lost his power as president of the Bruins and the Garden. What is surprising about him is how young he'd have been when he was named President of the Bruins in 75 just like JJ only in his mid 30s. Seems a little weird that JJ would make guy 5 years younger than the Cheif John Bucyk president?

Looks like Hassett was basically brought in to replace him. How about Hassett? Only President for less than a year. Sounds like JJ hired him to lessen Mooney's influence. But he wanted a cut in the new Garden which JJ declined so he resigned from the B's. Wiki says he tried to buy the Blues in 1990.

I do know around this time in the late 80s there is talk that JJ almost sold the team to some shady businessmen who would end up going to jail for corporate crimes.

Anyways I'd love to hear anything anyone remembers about these guys. Above is all I could gather from wikipedia and such.

And I would especially love a post from our Hall of Famer HubofHockey (if he is still around and keyboard numpties haven't trolled him away) about these guys since he's been covering the team since then.
hey, you have Bruins season tickets so come see me on this- I can give you some interesting stuff on Mooney. Will sound better in person and not have to use so many *

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