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Originally Posted by sawchuk1971 View Post
hey, melrose......i gotta ask this question...

do you think the sport of ice hockey will be extinct in canada at the end of this century? or next century?

things such as global warming, canada allowing more non-white immigrants that refuse to play the "canadian pastime", and also, hockey is becoming the wealthy kid's sport ....the poor and working class (lower to mid middle class) can't play it since the cost is beyond these two groups...

i predict that hockey will cease as a sport in the coming years.....
No but national pastime? Not anymore. It's a class issue mostly. Hockey is for rich kids. People will turn towards soccer. Already the GTA is creating lots of new players for the NBA as well. 70 years ago Lacrosse was number 1, people forget. It won't be extinct at all. But to be number 2 for sure. The NHL does not care, but that probably does not matter because they won't be around by then...

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