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12-24-2012, 08:09 PM
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Ballpark Effect

I wasnt sure if this warranted its own thread, but its a part of baseball that has fascinated me since I started watching games as a young boy. AFAIK, baseball is the only sport where the size of the field changes based on who is hosting the games. My question is how much park effect ACTUALLY influences the game. I ask this because many of my friends at school are Yankees fans, who seem to think that any home run that clears the short porch in Right would've cleared any fence in MLB by a mile. I distinctly remember 2 seasons ago, watching A. Rod hit a homerun against the Blue Jays that the pitcher got very upset about because it barely cleared the fence and it looked like a standard pop fly coming off the bat.

I guess my question, or at least what I want to start a discussion about, is how cheap these short fences are, and how much of a deterrent long fences are in terms of competitive fairness, and also attracting Free Agents. Why would a power hitter ever want to play in SD or HOU? How skewed are Hamilton's stats for having played in Arlington 81 times a year? I know there are easily available home/away stats, but I dont know if that tells the whole story. Will teams sort of discredit a hitter's stats coming out of CIN, NYY, or TEX?

Im an Athletics fan myself, about 330 on the lines, and a little over 400 to Center. Largest Foul territory in the league also.

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