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12-25-2012, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
Coughlin deserved to be fired if they didnt make the playoffs last season.

I dont think this season was his fault. I think the injuries compounded the tough schedule.

Let's be honest -- as long as the Giants are a big ratings earner, the league will always schedule them tough games in November to December when the NFL picks up steam towards the postseason.

That's the only reason i can fathom the Giants being scheduled six of last year's eight playoff teams between games eight and 16.
Injuries are only a problem when you don't have the depth to make up for it. We've seen games without Boley and Rivers and have Herzlich or Paysinger step in and have absolutely sucked.

IMO the season rests on this teams "star" players. Tuck has had a deplorable season, Eli has been average at best, Nicks has not been healthy enough to be effective, and Cruz (while showing he is the real deal) has not been the playmaker he was last year...the list of players underperforming goes on and on.

On to coaching: I do believe we need changes at OC and DC. Gilbride's playcalling leaves me dumbfounded at times and doing a whole bunch of this The predictability of playcalling in situations like 3 and short, it seems as if we're either doing the ineffective shotgun draw or throwing a 40 yard bomb down the field. The Giants seem way to reliant on the big play this year, I rarely recall us doing short routes and a lot has to do with KG's horrible calls.

Fewell is as uncreative on defense as KG is on offense. The lack of pre-snap movement is a major problem along with the total lack of blitzing. When you're struggling to get a pass rush and have corners who simply can't cover 1 on 1 (CWeb) theres a play for that: its called zone blitzing. Something he rarely does.

In the end, its a total team and coaching debacle. Defending Super Bowl Champs don't play this soft on D and this inept on Offense.

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