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12-25-2012, 05:44 AM
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Just spoke at great length with a person pretty High within the NHL that is a childhood friend. He has no idea that I frequent hockey-based chatforums and was therefore very frank and open. He thinks there that will be a 50-game season, or at Least he said the odds were 90%for/10%against. He believes the players in the end will cave in since they are losing "crazy money now without a real reason"and they will never get it back, but that there are a few illusional concessions to be made by owners in order to patch things up and save face. Says the window is until January 6th or 7th - at the latest. And that there will most likely be some kind buyouts and probably a softer way of getting to 50/50 than what has been presented so far for next year. Says Nashville kind of "**** in the bed" when signing Weber and that that will cause some movement to take place from there in the not too distant future. He talked a bit about his team as well, but I will not get into that. Says that the teams really making money are ready to play hockey right now and that some of them are "frustrated"- but that this is totally a lockout based on the smaller, poorer teams needs and that they are basically calling the shots here. They are pushing to get every inch they can until a deal is struck at the last minute. He says both owners an players both have made their share of mistakes in the process, but that this length of the lockout was inevitable considering the different needs within the league and how far some teams are willing to go to get what they deem is necessary for survival. Says that the union really is playing second fiddle and have no real say on the outcome - as long as they are not pressed as far as they can be. Very interesting discussion...

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