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12-25-2012, 07:03 AM
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Originally Posted by jmelm View Post
NO! This is a short-sighted view. I would NOT compromise Joe's long-term development because our PP could use a bit slapshot right now. I'd rather trade for Gonchar...

I don't want Morrow, or Despres, to have to play "sheltered" minutes in the NHL right now. These are guys who should eventually be top-pairing, #1 or #2 Dmen at the NHL level -- and the only way we will be able to know this is if they become all-star, Norris calibre (or equivalent) Dmen at the AHL level, playing 25 minutes per night, in all situations. Morrow will never learn how to play in all areas of the game if he only plays sheltered minutes.

I am adamant about the fact that a prospect should not be brought up unless they are dominating (or at least playing a complete game, which Morrow isn't) at the AHL level. Let's wait for these guys to become more complete and consistent players until we bring them up.

The only reason Harrington may be an exception is because he is SOO dominant at the junior level (and because of his elite hockey sense), that I believe he does not need time in the minors to "refine his game". If he plays any time there, it will be just a numbers game. He could have played in the NHL THIS season (if there was a season), and he can DEFINITELY play in the NHL next season. So if Despres & Dumoulin are proving they are too good for WBS (possible, but hasn't happened yet, especially with Despres), then it's possible Harrington spends 1 season tops in the AHL. But it won't be because he's not ready. And if he does go there, I hope they use him in a very offensive role (1st unit PP time) to help develop that part of his game.
It's far from shortsighted and too many people cling to this notion that a blueliner will be "ruined" if he plays in the NHL at an early age.

If you waited for a prospect to be dominant in the A, many guys would of never had NHL careers.

Sheltered minutes in the NHL >> top minutes in the A. Morrow is playing with a roster that is short on talent and the reality is that his game would develop much faster with sheltered minutes playing with and agt. the best in the world, than in the A.

His offensive game is more than NHL ready, he is country strong and more than capable of handling himself in the NHL. Just like Despres, I'm 100% sure he will excel playing with elite talent. He will have ups and downs, but he will help the big club more than he will hurt them.

Being NHL ready does not mean he is ready for a top four role. Not sure why people think that way.

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