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Originally Posted by wondeROY View Post
That no doubt will make a huge difference, even going from 1/2 to 5/8 I noticed a big difference. I've been on 5/8 the last year. If you like 5/8, you should try a 3/4 just for kicks sometime, you might really like it. I just don't like much edge at all and I've turned several of my friends onto 5/8 and 3/4 cuts and they love them.
You know of what you speak. 5/8ths is the solution I have searched for, and can say that after spending almost 3 years of trying different cuts - I had both pairs of my Grafs cut to 5/8ths to make certain it was suitable, can say that I have finally found the Holy Grail

With 5/8 = 10/16, going 2 settings down to 12/16 would probably feel like wearing frying pans on my feet: no edge at all. Perhaps for the heck of it maybe I'll try that one day.

The interesting thing is that at 5/8, i can float and glide comfortably - but can also stop on a dime if need be even at maximum speed. While the process of elimination trying different cut sizes was long and a hassle, it was worth it in the end to find the absolute "right" cut.

Hopefully, with two pairs of Graf G70s in hand for purposes of lasting me for the next 20-25 years of hockey, this will never be an issue again during my playing "career."

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