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Originally Posted by Ianturnbull View Post
I believe Fehr's end game is to get this thing into the courts. That is where historically (MLB) he has had his most success. I don't believe he came out of retirement to negotiate a concessionary cap deal. What would tha add to his legacy. He wants negotiations to fail, land in the courts and hopefully blow up the cap along the way. That would add to his legacy. I always thought he came out of retirement only to kill the cap. I was surprised when he basically conceded the cap early in the negotiations. I think he realized negotiating the cap was a non starter and the only way to go after it was to fail the negotiations and get in front of the courts. Problem with this approach is that it is very high risk and will most likely hurt the players, the owners and the game in general. However I don't believe Fehr really cares about any of those things other than his "anti cap" legacy.
We shall see soon. If the NHL cancels the season then I also believe Fehr will attack the cap. The problem is the NHL is not the MLB and it doesn't have unlimited growth and revenue potential. I said it a year ago when they hired him and I will say it now; Donald Fehr's legacy may end up being destroying the NHL as we knew it.

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