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Originally Posted by chasespace View Post
But there is no precedence in this case, only theory and projection. IF it goes to court then all leagues will finally have a precedence to go off of.

And it's not that hard from a legal standpoint to make the argument that if a union decertifies then all contracts to all union members are null and void. The union negotiated the CBA, the CBA set the terms for their contracts, there is no current CBA so the contracts cannot be enforced, if the union goes away then there cannot legally be a CBA so there for any contracts that adhere to a CBA wouldn't be legal. Ergo, all current contracts would be illegal and therefore removed.
its a lot more easier for the union to argue that each contract was negotiated between a player with his agent with 1 team and he got market value... plus unless there contract states the contract is voided incase of no union its hard to argue that it should be.

The NHL has a lot harder time in this case then the players do, but we don't know what will happen it all comes down to the judge. My whole problem with that guys post is he did not post a source names or anything and tried to say something that he has no evedidence to support. He claims to be a law student yet he wants to make such a shady claim that's just funny

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