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12-25-2012, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by hizzoner View Post
Yes a loss of the season will mean damage to the league--in particular to the southern tier teams where the nhl was trying to grow the game and where those who had invested their money were losing it-paying nhl salaries while only recouping minor league receipts. The nhl will lose face with some contraction and some transfers. The players will lose a lot of jobs and will have to leave the golf courses in the South. the sand and the surf behind to play where the fans remain. If I never see Phoenix, Florida, Nashville, Columbus, etc in my team's building I will not shed a tear...
Brush up on georgaphy...Columbus is not the south...paging mayor bee.
Originally Posted by berklon View Post
As I said in another thread, the arenas in Canada will still be sold out as there'll always be someone to jump in and replace those who've ditched the NHL - but overall there will be a loss of fans. There'll be less people watching on TV, buying merchandise, etc.

It doesn't matter how big a fan you are of a sport - people who are really peeved will bail. I know a few people who were HUGE hockey fans and bailed the last lockout and have yet to return (and this new lockout seals the deal even further for them). I also know someone who used to be a huge baseball fan (his favourite sport) and he ditched the last strike.
Too many people don't get this... an overall downtrend is a bad thing! The days of 3 million for Saturday night in November are over...
Originally Posted by Ragamuffin Gunner View Post
For those of you who like to **** on the Southern expansion here is Team USAs WJC roster. 3 kids from OH and one from each of FL CA and TX.

I wonder what happened 12-15 years ago to get kids from those areas interested in hockey?
So what? There are many great basketball players coming out of the GTA. No one talks about that ever so why should that be an argument for hockey ? One kid from TX wow. Complain about that all you want but knowing that southern teams don't draw as well in the MLB or NBA should tell you this was never a hockey to begin with, seems like both you and the Canadians here should have recognized that by now.

Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
We shall see soon. If the NHL cancels the season then I also believe Fehr will attack the cap. The problem is the NHL is not the MLB and it doesn't have unlimited growth and revenue potential. I said it a year ago when they hired him and I will say it now; Donald Fehr's legacy may end up being destroying the NHL as we knew it.
Originally Posted by Ianturnbull View Post
I agree. Not only is the NHL not the MLB, although I am no expert I would also guess that removing a cap system is a lot more difficult than preventing one.

I feel sorry for the players. I don't think anybody - owners, agents, Fehr, etc have their best interests. They all are conflicted. I also think Fehr arranged things so that he has way too much power over the players. A prime example of that is Fehr hiring his owner brother to be his number 2. The players should never have let that happen. Who do they go to if they are unhappy? That being said as much as they are losing in all this and will lose more as time goes by, they still will enjoy a profession many of us only dream about.
Originally Posted by JAX View Post
I've been beating the same drum for a while now, in the summer time I said half a season at best, and if a season is lost....why not 2, because the PA seems to be of the impression that if it goes over a year then they will bow down to Fehr and give him whatever he wants.

So you guys are shocked that Fehr smelt blood? Did you really think the Leafs Rangers Flyers are interested in a 2 year lockout for Jacobs? Tell me if Don "wins" will you come back as fans?

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