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12-25-2012, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Melrose Munch View Post
Brush up on georgaphy...Columbus is not the south...paging mayor bee.

Too many people don't get this... an overall downtrend is a bad thing! The days of 3 million for Saturday night in November are over...

So what? There are many great basketball players coming out of the GTA. No one talks about that ever so why should that be an argument for hockey ? One kid from TX wow. Complain about that all you want but knowing that southern teams don't draw as well in the MLB or NBA should tell you this was never a hockey to begin with, seems like both you and the Canadians here should have recognized that by now.

So you guys are shocked that Fehr smelt blood? Did you really think the Leafs Rangers Flyers are interested in a 2 year lockout for Jacobs? Tell me if Don "wins" will you come back as fans?
It's not all about Jacobs, there is also about half the league that is losing or not making much money. It's not worth it for them to sign a bad CBA for a possible 10 years and lose money for a decade. It's hard for Don to "win" at this point but if he can't I will be surprised if he doesn't go nuclear.

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