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Originally Posted by truck View Post
What I meant was, the "pay your bills" nonsense was started by a pissed of server and the night club incident was confirmed by a friend of a friend of a friend who saw it happen at 8 different bars in the same night. Nobody at any of these bars had a camera phone or the wherewithal to mention it until an hour after the bar closed. That is what I meant by idiots starting BS.
Aside from those incidents, that could be written off as nonsense, Kane's character issues are based on:
1) Pay for Tweets (not sure why this is different than Pav selling cars)
2) Speculation that he wants out.
3) More speculation that he wants out.
4) A photo of him with money.
The proliferation of 2 and 3 are aided by the AIH articles linked to in this thread.

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