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Originally Posted by hockeyball View Post
I didn't say your numbers were wrong, I just said I can't speak to their accuracy. I also said running a sports team on that kind of budget must have been pretty rough. I don't see today's budget as that outrageous, and with most teams more than half the revenue is going to the players.

Do I think the SVSE is profitable? No, likely the just about break even, but that is good enough for them for tax reasons to keep operating as is. Do I think they can spare more money for the players? Absolutely not, I doubt if the cap got much higher they would spend up to it, they didn't last season. If the percentage of salary the players increased the Sharks would simply buy less expensive players, benefiting no one.

You are speaking very idealistically without really thinking through (it seems) the consequences of what you are saying. If the current roster cost Phoenix, or Long Island, or Columbus 10% more they would simply reduce the quality of their team, not meet it, they can't afford it. They are already trying to get the league minimum reduced because so many teams simply cannot afford it. Paying players more is not going to make anything better for anyone, even the players.
Oh come on... Do you think they hosted the SAP tournament for free all those years? They manage the arena... They get plenty of revenue from non hockey related activities. Plenty to more than cover the 5 million on average they lose on the Sharks and make a nice profit. They still do need the revenue from the Sharks to make a profit however.
The point is the NHL expanded way too fast. This was the leagues decision to do this and they profited heavily from the fees. Bettman could have instead focused on the 24 teams the NHL had when he was hired, but no... he had to expand. The NHL has the ability to cover some of the mistakes they made, but they are refusing to do so. They want the players to pay for all of it.

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