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12-25-2012, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by fimoknete View Post
this is for sure not our biggest problem. even when you say so.
we still have no upgrades for hudler. datsyuk and zetta needs replacements soon, our core at all is overaging and ken holland is not able to do his job retooling this team.
even when brunner will remain with the team next season ist doubtful that he will hit hudlers numbers. even then hes no upgrade then. and remember how hudler was the wipping boy.

so franzen is a problem but not our biggest.
just imagine having filppula and darren helm our 1 & 2 center men in 2 years. sidelined by bertuzzi, pylon cleary and samuelsson. thats not whats looking like a contender team to me.

the worst part is that all the management plans didnt pan out a bit since 4 years.
Its all doom and gloom in your world. Hudler is already replaced, Samuelsson is a 50 point player too. The Wings are still going to be top 10 in goals for don't worry. Sure the players are getting older but a lot of things can happen in the next few years. With a team willing to spend there are always FA's that can be aquired by the team and there are a couple good prospects in the system.

But this is a dumb debate let's just speed this up because its been done to death. Your next post is going to be more of the same but you will add in more about how you don't like Holland, Samuelsson couldn't carry Hudlers jock strap and judging by the above post you will take personal shot at me. My post will be about Holland's track record and how things aren't as bad as you are framing it. Really neither of us will say anything profound. So I'm out on this subject.

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