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12-25-2012, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Flowah View Post
The problem is, you're unrealistically optimistic. You say for a team willing to spend, there are always FA's. Well, we missed out on all the big ones this past year.

The rest is just being realistic. Who can replace Datsyuk? He's a one of a kind player, top5 player in the league in just about everyone's list. That's a tall order. We just lost Lidstrom, some people consider him top1 or top2 dman of all time. Who's going to replace him? Don't point to the prospects, no one is even close to that level yet.

Yes, we're all excited with the potential that the young guys have. But make no mistake, a lot can happen. The absolute best case scenario is that they will replace these generational players that we have leaving the team soon. More likely, they'll be good but not as good. Some may even bust. Hell, they probably won't even play up, since we keep filling the roster with old reruns like Sammy/Q, and reupping players like Bert and Cleary.

An honest, realistic look at the team's future is one that says "We aren't going to be as good as we've been." There is more than enough reason to be worried.

I don't get the people that are satisfied with the team we have. We got trounced in the first round of the playoffs. I didn't see our team get stronger. I saw it get a year older and saw a defensive legend retire. I want them to win the Cup, not just make the playoffs every year. I point out the holes in the team because I want them filled. People like you seem content with early exits. That's fine if it floats your boat. I prefer the Stanley Cup.
What moves do you think would put us into cup contention? I don't think your gonna improve by trading Franzen.

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