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Originally Posted by double5son10 View Post
Dombrowski is also absolutely atrocious in the CSKA vs. Bruins game in Super Series '76. He makes some questionable calls/non-calls throughout, and Red Army's third goal by Kharlamov should have never counted as Mikhailov absolutely mugged Gilbert in his crease.
It wasn't just that Dombrowski was a poor official. If he was just bad, both teams should be angry with him. For example Waldo Szczpak of Poland worked Games 4 and 5 of the 74 Summit. He wasn't very good and at times both Team Canada and the Soviets openly displayed anger/frustration with his calls (or lack there of.) Dombrowski was an out and out cheat. The calls he made against Team Canada in Game 6 were, with the exception of the call against Bruce MacGregor warranted. But he would not make calls against the Soviets. In my book "The Forgotten Summit" I mention a number of flagrant fouls committed by Soviet players that Dombrowski ignored. After the outrageous call he made against Bruce MacGregor, which basically finished Team Canada - after all it is hard to stay motivated when you know the referee will not let you win- I was stunned by another "non-call" early in the 3rd period. Vladimir Lutchenko raced across the ice, left his feet and leaped into Serge Bernier and nearly put Bernier into the 10th row of seats. I have never in my life see a more flagrant example of boarding/charging. Dombrowski was right there. He watched Bernier get annihilated and simply skated away. Hugh McLean of the CAHA mentioned in a post game interview after Game 6 that he had stormed into Dombrowski's dressing room in the 2nd intermission and demanded an explanation for the way Dombrowski was calling the game. He said that Dombrowski appeared to be "frightened" to make calls against the Soviets.

During the Soviet Nationals tour of the WHA in 1976-77 Edmonton coach Bep Guidolin said after the Soviets 3-2 victory over the Oilers in which Dombrowski officiated, that Dombrowski outside of being totally inept and biased was also "sneaky." Guidolin said Dombrowski would make calls against the Soviets - but 99% of those calls were off-setting penalties. So if you just checked the stats - yes there were penalties called against the Soviets. But there were rarely any power plays against them.

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