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Originally Posted by SJeasy View Post
You are understating the player pay increase. It went from $1.4mil to $2.4mil average. That is a 70% increase in salary. The league went from $2.1bil to $3.3bil. That is a 57% increase. Part of that is the escalation of the cap from 54 to 57%.

The league is also claiming that non-player payroll expenses escalating faster than revenue. I can believe it on health care, electricity, travel (fuel) and insurance. Other categories, not so much.
The decision to expand was made by the BOG under Ziegler, not Bettman. Bettman was hired with the directive to oversee the expansion. It wasn't his idea, but he was on board with it. Until the last four teams, the expansion locations were pretty much set in stone. I am not sure who was responsible for the last 4 locations, the BOG or GB. Additionally, he did try to save Canadian franchises, but ran into brick walls. He actually succeed with the Oilers but was rebuffed in Winnipeg and QC (no buyers). He actually lobbied to life the restriction on ownership rules to keep the Oil in place.
We have conflicting information regarding the increase in players payroll. I got my numbers from Bloomberg. Where did you get yours?

So Bettman takes no responsibility for the numerous expansions that happened about 5 years after he was hired as comish? Were talking about 98-00; thats four out of the six by my count

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