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Age Increments

Originally Posted by Killion View Post
... aint that the truth. Even Jr.B was notoriously rough back in the day, and it was a "win at all costs" environment in as much as it was supposed to be a "developmental league". Some serious bruisers patrolling the blue lines, headcases who were highly skilled & talented playing upfront more than capable of excelling in Jr.A but kept down for fear that they could well wind up facing Manslaughter charges if emotional quotients were kicked up a notch at the Major Junior levels. Quite a difference and step up from the then designation of AA Bantam or Minor Midget / Midget (there was no AAA designation back then) to Jr.B, the next step up not quite so steep and onto the next rung of Jr.A from Jr.B, so yes, the leagues were extremely useful & viable in that regard.
Thru Bantam you had/have two year increments across Canada for each category. Starting at Midget(three years) or the old Juvenile category, making a comeback with school hockey, the increments varied up to six years, possible to play Junior from the age of 15-20, exceptional instances 14 to 20 or seven years.

The other problem was admission especially Junior. The players wanted to get paid or get benefits of some type.

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