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12-25-2012, 09:53 PM
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As far as I'm concerned... The owners and players can all go crawl in a corner and disappear into obscurity. This is ridiculous. I just wanna see the Red Wings and listen to Ken Kal call games again... Good night... Nobody cares about me, the fan. For pete's sake. Just adopt the MLB model and adjust the variables to fit the NHL. It's fair for all sides and it works. It's fair for the rich teams because they can pay for talent and field competitive teams without being restricted. It's fair for poor teams because they aren't forced to pay 3rd and 4th line scrubs $4million a year contracts to reach a stupid cap floor and can operate on their own budgets and they can keep younger players for longer on the cheap. It's fair for the players because ultimately they get payed MORE. It's fair for competition, because as we clearly see the MLB, and in particular the AL, has developed an unprecedented parity without the help of a salary cap.

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