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12-25-2012, 10:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
Even if it is, it doesn't change what I said. His upside is limited by the many skills of his that are not elite.

That doesn't mean he can't be a 1st line player. It means he's never going to be Sidney Crosby or something. Yup, I know, nothing groundbreaking. It's why talking about his shortcomings is kinda useless, people's projections of him for the most part are reasonable and grounded, his shortcomings are considered in people's projections of him without needing to really talk about them.

It's also hard to talk about faults when looking at players that appear to get the most out of their ability. From Chris Kelly to Jonathan Toews....players of varying value but both guys don't hurt you. Silfverberg may share that quality with those two...and his value may fall somewhere between them.
I would say he is closer to this than Chris Kelly. We all know he is not Crosby. He has a ton of hockey sense and a nose for the net however. He is also fairly defensively sound and not afraid to shake it up a little bit in dirty areas.

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