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12-25-2012, 10:14 PM
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Originally Posted by DKH View Post
If a deal is reached, what of Thomas is going to be a very big story to follow. If he is sitting in on talks then that kind of sounds like he's still got some interest in hockey.

I hope the Bruins can't move him and he shows up.

I'm no Doomsday Preper (or whatever they call these folks) but I still think he's a very good goalie and a good guy even if he pissed me off with the Pres snub and says some whacky things.

Thomas showing up to Bruins camp since he is under contract would be epic. Gawd I hope the Bruins cant trade this guy
While I don't think TT can play as well as he did in the Cup run again,with a shortened season he might be able to get pretty close to that level, particularly if Rask elevates his game and is healthy and the two have healthy competition going on.

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