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Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
Don't discredit my goalies.... But I'll totally discredit yours.

It's obvious that you have no clue what your talking about when it comes to Luongo & Schneider stealing games because that's ALL they did last year from January onward. In fact they stole us that 2nd Presidents trophy while NYR & that other team couldn't lock it down! My memory is fuzzy as to who that top team in the West was & who their goalies were

As for the Olympics I seem to remember Luongo making a game saving save against the Slovaks... I also love the casual "sure Luongo is an Olympic Gold Medalist & has played for the Stanley Cup, but..."
Luongo has played on MUCH better teams than Halak has. Canada is much better than Slovakia and Vancouver has a much better team than St. Louis. If Halak was on Vancouver, they would have still won the Presidents trophy and had Halak been on Canada, they still would have won Gold.

I'm not saying Schneider and Luongo are bad goalies, but I'm saying that they haven't stole big games like Halak has in the past. In the Stanley Cup Finals, Vancouver got blown out in 3 of those games and the final game wasn't really close either. When he played for Canada he didn't have to be an elite goalie, he just had to be competent. When Halak played for Montreal, he had to be an elite goalie.

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